The Christ is Jesus, Messiah and Savior of the world.  In Christian faith, Jesus is known by all of these terms. It is said Jesus came into the world to save us from Sin.  His coming and doing this is "Good News" which is what the word gospel means.

So Jesus' entire mission was to save us from sin.  But what does that mean?  To some, being saved from sin means they will be allowed to go to "Heaven" and be with God when they die.

However Salvation - being saved by Jesus - means much more than that.  It means being saved from "Original Sin."  Many people do not know what is meant by the tern,  Original Sin.  Not understanding the term leads them to deny Original Sin exists. SIN, as the original sin, simply means being separated from God.  All of us are born ignorant of God and out of contact with him.  This the situation of being in Original Sin. 

This misunderstanding is overcome quickly in GOD 101. There may be many facets to Original Sin, but the main two are seen in all human babies.  First, there is total selfishness.  That a baby is completely self-centered is seen by its wanting only its own needs satisfied.  This selfishness is a continuing condition of all people until God changes them with supernatural grace.  That grace was predicted and promised by Jesus.  It comes through the work of the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus.

The other obvious element of Original Sin is man's inborn separation from God. When born, all people are ignorant of God and totally out of contact with him. 

God, being spirit, cannot be known personally unless he introduces himself to us.  Before he makes himself known to us, we can only speculate about, him and  his nature. 

This is the "good news" that is proclaimed by the first four books of the New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  These writings are known as Gospels because each carries a particular story of Jesus coming into the world, what he did while here, how he died, and what that, and his resurrection, did for all humans.

GOD 101, in a clear and simple way, explains how much God loves you, what he wants to do for you, and how you can be "saved" from your separation, selfishness, and spiritual ignorance.  

Click below and take a look at GOD 101.  It can do wonders for you in this life, as well as the one yet to come.

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